"Some coaches and athletes seem to forget that training is the stimulus and that the cellular adaptation occurs during rest between training sessions."

In high level soccer teams, due to the high number of games in a short period of time (2 games in 3 days) athletes do not have enough time to train. The vast majority of their time is spent on recovery modalities. Using techniques to reduce the fatigue effects on players' performance in order to recover faster and get ready for the next game.

In contrast, in teams of a lower level performane is lower. Usually, here there is a plenty amount of time for training. This level of teams need to train hard with an optimal recovery time between training sessions in order to improve their performance.

I have caught myself several times watching videos with training sessions of high level soccer teams. I have to admit that these videos are very helpful because you get an idea about the way these teams work. On the other hand, applying these sessions in low level teams is not the smartest thing we could do. If we try to conduct similar training session with those of high level teams the failure is inevitable; because the high level soccer teams consist of the best players in the world. Simply, they are the best. In that level strength and conditioning coaches are able to create their own training philosophy because they are training with the elite. But in low level teams you have to work because there is no space left for making philosophy. 

Finally, a strength and conditioning coach has to track the weak points of his own athletes and the training planificacion partially should be according to the team's weaknesses.


"The fight is won or lost far from witnesses.... (it's won) in the gym, on the road, long before I dance under the lights"

- Muhammad Ali


Konstadinos Gianni MSc,


UEFA B Soccer Coaching Licence 



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